And the leaf turned in Chennai

Tamil Nadu is popular for astrology particularly Nadi astrology where it originated. It is said a Hindu sage jotted down past, present and future of all individuals on a palm leaf. My pg mates told me how accurate it is so I decided to give it a try along with one of my pg mates.

Mini-facturing discontent

I have seen Darjeeling literally ‘empty out’ as I grew up. From my school seniors to neighbours, twenty somethings always ventured to Indian cities or faraway countries either to study or work. After finishing my class 12 boards, I was embarrassed to say that I was doing my undergrad in my town.

Paan for stars

Amidst the chaos happening in the hospital room she feels that damped and mossed ceiling is the only thing worth looking at. She would’ve counted stars but she is confined within the grey walls till she would be “better”- which meant her body was to recover from the chasm of flames and she had to be mentally sound- to count the stars.

Sometimes it is not just about YOLO- maybe it is.


Hi guys, today we will do something different. Life is too short to not experiment things.

So taddaa- Podcast it is!

Everyday we wake up to do something new but once in a while when dejection hits we need a little push to set our priorities straight. That is when “motto in life” defines us.

Let us hear what billiard world champion who has recently won his fourteenth world title has to say about his motto in life.

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